1.Applying for Certifications

There are three types of MEL certifications: in accordance with FMS (Fisheries Management Standard), AMS (Aquaculture Management Standard), and Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard.

When applying for certifications, refer to the webpages titled Structure of MEL and Certifications, and contact a Certification Body directly. Here is an outline of the application procedure.

2.Obtaining Certification

The processes for obtaining certifications are as shown below. When applying for an assessment, consult  Certification Body in advance to learn about the overall prospects to save time and costs.



3.Certification Standards

Certification assessments are in accordance with the MEL Certification Standards; FMS (Fisheries Management Standard), AMS (Aquaculture Management Standard), and Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard.

*Fisheries Management Standard(FMS)ver.2.0
*Fisheries Management Standard Guidelines for Auditors Indicators of Conformity Version. 2.1

*Checklist for Auditors of the Fisheries Management Standard

*Aquaculture Management Standard(AMS)ver.1.0
*Aquaculture Management Standard Guidelines for Auditors Indicators of Conformity Version. 1.1

*Checklist for Auditors of the Aquaculture Management Standard

*Chain of Custody Standard(CoC)ver.2.0
*Guidelines for Auditors of the Chain of Custody Standard
*Checklist for Auditors of the Chain of Custody Standard

4.Application Form

Application Forms and the necessary information are available at the website of MEL Certification Body.

JFRCA: Japan Fisheries Resource Conservation Association

(JFRCA website,  in Japanese only.)


5.  List of Certified Entities

MEL FMS(ver.2.0), AMS(Ver.1.0), CoC(Ver.2.0) Certification