About Marine Eco-Label Japan

Marine Eco-Label Japan (MEL) was launched in December 2007 as a standard/certification scheme aimed at promoting the conservation of marine resources and supporting environmentally friendly fisheries. Under the scheme, sustainable fishery products are defined as those maintained as resources that can be optimally used by both present and future generations. The scheme certifies fisheries that take proactive measures to protect aquatic resources and ecosystems and attaches its MEL ecolabels to their products before distribution. By enticing consumers to choose seafood bearing the MEL labels, the scheme aims at encouraging the wider engagement of the fisheries community in the rigorous management and appropriate use of fishery resources, thereby ensuring the Japanese fishing industry and fish-eating culture can be sustained in perpetuity.

In response to the rising global interest in marine ecolabelling, we established in December 2016 the Marine Eco-Label Japan Council (MEL Council), which took over the MEL scheme that had been operated by the Japan Fisheries Association. We are aspiring to gain international recognition for our marine ecolabelling scheme and to contribute to Japanese society.

If you have any inquiries or views on MEL you would like to share with us, please send an inquiry form to the secretariat. The MEL Council is currently in the process of reviewing its rules, criteria and operational procedures in order to better manage and make ongoing improvements to its program. By constructively incorporating your views, we hope to make MEL an initiative that better serves society.