Notice of Request for Public Comments on MEL Aquaculture Management Standard Revision

Dear Our Partners:

We have decided to revise the MEL Aquaculture Management Standard (AMS) Ver. 1.0 in order to comply with global trends, changes in the environment surrounding the Japan’s aquaculture industry, and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) Benchmark Tool Ver. 2.0. Along with the revision of the standard, we plan to revise the related documents such as AMS Guidelines for Auditors – Indicators of Conformity – Version 1.1 and Checklist for Auditors of AMS.

Within the Council the Standard Setting Committee was set up supported by Technical Working Team and developed the draft of revised documents. We would like to gather opinions from stakeholders and then utilize them for further consideration. After examining the opinions received and reflecting them in the draft, the Committee will hold another meeting to review it and finalize this issuance.

  1. Target standards and related documents

    ・MEL_AMS_Guidelines_Ver. 2.0_Draft_PC
    Red texts are changed, added or corrected.
  2. Period of Solicitation of Comments
    From Thursday, April 14, 2022 to Sunday, June 12, 2022
  3. Submission Method
    Please fill out the form the below and attach it to the e-mail
    The form attached
  4. Submission and Inquiries
    To: Marine Ecolabel Japan Council
    ・Please write “Comments on the Proposed Revision of MEL Aquaculture Certification Standard” in the title
    ・Comments are accepted in Japanese or English.
  5. Remarks
    1) Please refrain from commenting on the matters unrelated to the revision of AMS.
    2) MEL does not intentionally disclose personally identifiable information collected from you to third parties. Please check the details below.
    [MEL Council Information Disclosure Regulations]

    3) Comments received may be disclosed to the public without the name of contact person or contact information.
    4) Please understand that we do not accept phone calls.
    5) Please note that we will not respond to your comments individually.
    6) Please note that we may ask for details if there are any unclear points in response to your comments.

Thank you for your continued support for MEL activities.


Secretariats of Marine Eco-Label Japan Council